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Can I mediate this?

Can I mediate this?

Posted by Olivier Fuldauer — filed in Mediation

Probably yes. If both sides to willing to talk and willing to listen, a skilled mediation can often help move parties from dispute to resolution.

The areas where mediation can be effective are almost unlimited. Interpersonal disputes including family law separations have been mediated for many years often with very good results and at a lower financial and emotional cost than going to court.

Business disputes, whether between businesses or clients and businesses, have also benefited from using mediation as a time and cost-effective way to resolve disputes.

Olivier Fuldauer has practiced law for 20 years and has been a certified mediator since 2017. Contact Amanda at 403-571-5120 if you would like to book a mediation with Olivier.



The information in the blog is not legal advice. Do not treat or rely upon it as legal advice.  If you require legal assistance, please contact a lawyer.
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