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Living Will or Personal Directive?

Posted by wjadmin — filed in Wills and Estates Law
A living will is a term for what we in Alberta put in a “personal directive”.  This document that gives the agent we choose the authority to make medical choices for us if we lose the ability to make those choices for ourselves.  The living will portion of the document cangive detailed direction to the person that we choose on the medical care we do want, or do not want.  Many people do not want their life prolonged if they are not here mentally or there is no chance of a physical recovery.  It goes without saying that it is extremely important that the document reflect your personal wishes accurately.  To make a personal directive you need to be over 18 and you need mental capacity at time you sign the personal directive.  Personal directives have to be in writing, dated, signed and witnessed by someone who is not the agent, your spouse, common law partner, or the spouse or common law partner of your agent.
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