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How do I Make Child Support Payments if I Have Lost My Job?

Posted by Darryl Aarbo — filed in Family Law

Child support payments ensure that children are benefitting from the financial means of their parents. When the payor parent suffers a job loss however, making child support payments becomes onerous and sometimes impossible.

Child support payments are typically based on the previous year’s income because this method simplifies the task of calculating income. This method may not always be fair, and furthermore the Child Support Guidelines do not mandate that child support be determined in this way.

Many factors will be considered in determining the amount of child support you owe, including but not limited to whether or not you received severance payment, whether you were terminated or whether you quit your job, and what the source and amount of your income is while you are unemployed. It is important to note that a parent is not permitted to quit their job or refuse to seek employment in order to avoid paying child support.

Bringing the issue forward as soon as possible is essential. There is an onus upon the payor to deal with the issue early in order to avoid arrears.

If you are unable to make child support payments due to a major shift in financial circumstances, the family law lawyers at Aarbo Fuldauer LLP have the experience and expertise to assist you in varying child support payments in accordance with your present income.

By Sharni Dhillon B.Sc, J.D., Barrister and Solicitor at Aarbo Fuldauer LLP


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Sharni Dhillon
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