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Avoiding Estate Litigation and Disputes – Adult Child as Caregiver to an Elderly Parent

Posted by Darryl Aarbo — filed in Wills and Estates Law

It is not uncommon when people get older that one child attends to the needs of the elderly parent more than the other children. This could be due simply to a closer location or simply one child has more time or one likes the role of caregiver. This extra work can often result in promises by the parent to leave more money to the caregiver child.

These promises may be legitimate and justified but the other siblings may view them as the result undue influence or reduced capacity if they are not documented properly. Some people will put great value on the caregiver role and some will think equality amongst siblings should rule the day. Also, the child doing the extra work may develop a sense of entitlement and may actually have a claim for quantum meruit, which is a claim to be paid a reasonable amount of money for services rendered. As always, it is best to document these obligations as they arise.

By Darryl Aarbo of Aarbo Fuldauer LLP

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